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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Blogger's Duty (AKA: there is nothing interesting to write about)

In short, boredom has taken over my home life from college. I complain not because I do not like to relax, as I have wished for the past year, but from the lack of writable material I now have. Aside from three weeks worth of gossip (thank you mom), this is all I have:

Sadly it is also the best picture my phone has taken

Yes, dear readers, a broken street light hanging precariously overhead. A true low and the reason for my absence last Thursday and this current Tuesday. Now a "low traffic lifestyle" is no reason for this so my apologies and I really did want to write! So I have found my solution which many fellow bloggers seem to utilize. I have seen it called many things (e.g. LinkSTORM) but I will refer to it as the title states, A Blogger's Duty. As important as creating original content is, a blogger must not forget the reason for the creation of a blog is to share many ideas. This includes sharing others' ideas or topics of interest. Now bear with me here dear readers, this is another experiment of mine. It will improve and form over time and, as always, thank you for taking part and would love to hear your thoughts on what I share! Without further ado then:

Thanks to this amazing blog which inspired this style of listing (Yes it is mainly a women's blog but I do have a girlfriend and an interest in what she likes).

Another thanks to this website which helped me properly use e.g.

A web comic I discovered while in college (perfect timing too).

Interesting image on Finland Education compared to American Education.

My inner gamer's new favorite way to get cool stuff.

And, finally, a famous duo showcasing their improv skills and seller techniques.

Some of these links do contain strong language so you have been advised (the first link and Finland one are probably the safest). Do enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend. If everything goes as planned, there will be an interesting post for Tuesday!

Ta ta for now, see you again when the times call for it

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I greatly apologize for missing last week's blog posts; settling in back home was a bit harder than I thought! Moving in general is a pretty hard task to accomplish and losing things (like I did, RIP wireless mouse) is practically a given. But now I am back in order and ready to show some pictures I found in my phone in regards to college!

Promise I do not take "selfies", these are pictures of things other than what I wore to "the party".(Source)

To say the least, my first year of college was one heck of a ride. I rediscovered my love of writing (as an engineering major), strengthen my relationship with my girlfriend, truly learned the consequences of under-funded education as an alumni of a failing high-school, and had many, many, MANY experiences. You, dear reader, got to hear some of the many that happened but not every single one can be blogged. Here is a tribute to all the little ones which occurred my freshman year of college.

First Engineering Project

Making a rubber band powered car is no easy feat and only becomes even more difficult when your supplies are limited, testing is not allowed, and you have one week of build time. Oh yes, and counts for 25% of your grade. Despite this, my team and I managed to complete a very capable rubber band powered car looking like something out of a hunting catalog:

For the curious, the car helped  me earn a B in the course.

The Art of Studying

A year out of college and this is one art I still have yet to peg down. While a simple Google search could result in many styles and forms, it ultimately lies on the student to figure one out for them self. I believe I got a study rhythm by spring finals week and will have to test it out more come fall. Wish me luck!

Dorm Living

When I was handed my own little, golden key I had no idea what was in store behind the door it unlocked. Good and bad moments, yes, but the most notable: lack of space and comfort:

Ah, freshman dorms

I will admit, living in a dorm was a wonderful and life-learning experience but it was so gosh darn small! If you noticed a black fridge at the bottom left corner, congratulations: you found where my side of the dorm ends and my roommate's began.

And, of course, a lovey picture


Proclaiming our love on the wall of a local restaurant. Yes, we're dorks. In love dorks!

As fun as Freshman Year was, I am certainly glad to be back home. Very boring but good to be back with my family. I also have free time to actually write blog posts! Hopefully this summer I can call upon more dear readers to my blog. If not, then it makes no difference to me. To the few who do take the time to read my humble blog (and the 5 or 6 spam bots who also do), thank you always!

Ta ta for now, see you again when the times call for it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Your Broadcast will resume

Sorry for no update last week or probably this week. It is finals/move out time for me and my head is quite busy trying to figure out the velocity of a bullet as it hits a block attached to a spring. "Regular Schedule" resumes next week. Thank you for your patience!

Ta ta for now, see you again when the times call for it