Well that was unexpected...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Unexpected indeed

It's rather hard to be an artist of any medium. Whether it be paint, computers, or a simple pen you are bound to come across problems. Take myself, for example, a writer. A writer must paint the pictures a brush would using only what you see on screen: words. Writers like Shakespeare had to turn your mind into a theater with all the actors on cue. In other words, it is an artist's job to make sure his or her audience think.

Now with that opener, let me say it feels so good to be back writing on the Internet. I really do not care about the amount of viewers or "watchers" I currently have. As long as there is one, this gentleman has a reason to write. I have also decided on pausing  my quest for finding the perfect advertiser on my blog. Google rejected me oh so long ago and I found the stress out-weighing the benefit of finding a new advertiser. This allows more focus on my writing then on the profit it could bring; which I now believe is the way art should be treated.

I also decided each blog post should have a "feature" of some sort. This will be in the form of a link, picture, or video and I promise it will not lead you to a site riddled with maliciousness. Since these new beginnings of mine have brought me great joy, I will lead you to a site of great laughter. A fellow but much greater blogger, pleated-jeans is a wonderful site to visit if you have the winter downs. His greatest posts are his "Funny Pic Dump" which I have linked here.

Well that is all for today. This Aggie writer has much rest to catch up on if I want to score well on upcoming finals. Did I mention I am currently attending a wonderful University called Texas A&M? Maybe I'll mention it next time.

Ta Ta for now, see you again when the times call for it.

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