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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/2 is the new 2/14

As an engineering student in one of the finest colleges in the country, I do not have a lot of free time. So you can imagine how saddening this is for my girlfriend who also attends the same university. We only get to spend quality time every blue moon it seems so when I found out I would be entirely free for a weekend I took the chance to do something awesome with her. Since Valentine's Day is extremely full on my schedule, I proposed to her a grand idea: February 2 will be our February 14! Once she said yes, our Saturday could begin.

It all started at 10AM in Wellborn, Texas. There lay one of the oddest stories in Central Texas: Hullabaloo Diner.

It may be difficult to read out on the picture I took from the diner's menu but long story short: a vintage diner from Albany, New York made the 1,850 MILE (about 2977 km) trip to Central Texas in order to bring an amazing restaurant to the people of Wellborn. It was actually featured on The Food Network and I just so happen to have a link to the episode it was featured on here. Anyways, time to get back to the date. With such a hype for a little diner you can imagine it gets pretty crowed. My girlfriend and I had to wait for about an hour outside on a porch. Lucky and thankfully, Hullabaloo Diner provided us with some live entertainment playing country music (of course).

Our very Entertaining Musician

Once we got in I felt like we had traveled back in time. Records and other vintage memorabilia dotted the walls of the diner. It was crazy to see how well the owners had managed to keep everything looking good in a 70-year-old diner. We had breakfast and I had the biggest and best stack of pancakes I had ever had before. Seriously, there was about three pounds of pancakes on my plate! My girlfriend and I left Hullabaloo Diner well treated and well fed.

My girlfriend (Savannah) and I outside of the diner. I couldn't finished those gosh darn pancakes!

Next I took Savannah to the local mall and gave her an "allowance" of $40 to spend. She spent it wisely on a brand new and good looking purse. Seeing her happy made the purchase feel a little less straining on my wallet!

I had planned a nice outdoor picnic for lunch but did not plan on the over-filling food from Hullabaloo Diner so we skipped that and headed out to the movies where I purchased two tickets to a rather interesting one.

To make up for the picnic to my girlfriend, I bought the tickets about an hour away and gave her the chance to prove herself in the grand art of pinball! In what seemed to be the last public pinball machine in Texas, we spent the majority of the hour playing the living daylights out of the poor thing.

Ah, the hobby of two lovers

After a grand pinball play, we headed out to see our motion picture. I have to say, for another movie about undead romance this one was pretty good. I disliked the whole Twilight series (apologies to fans but I do) and my views for "Warm Bodies" felt like I was going to follow the same path. Never the less, a gentleman always gives everyone a fair shot and I'm glad I did. Apart from being the perfect date movie for Savannah and I, it kept me interested the entire time. The book isn't so bad either but the two have great differences. Not in quality but in actual story (spoilers aside, the ending has a few revisions).

Our wonderful date then winded down back to my dorm where Savannah and I busted through an entire cartoon series (Legend of Korra) over the course of the weekend. Needless to say, it was the grandest Saturday that had ever been had.

On an end note, I would like to mention a little something:

There are moments in our life where we can feel so alone in the world. Almost as if blending into a crowd is all we are meant to do. I can promise you though if you can tough it out and look towards life with a positive attitude, people with notice you. Nothing is more attractive than such a personality! I am proof of this truth as there was once a time of my life where I felt like I was the last single person left and no one wanted me. One day I had enough and wanted to changed the way I looked at love. I became a happier person when I realized that I didn't need to be in a relationship to feel positive. Little did I know someone took note of my change in views and wanted to change them one more time. This someone was Savannah and she became my special someone for over two years now. I had already felt happy with myself but I would have never imagined how amazing it feels to be happy with someone else.

This upcoming Valentine's Day, I beg of you dear reader to see it not as "another day" but a day of change. If you are single, make a promise to be happy about it. I guarantee you'll make more friends that way and maybe even a friend like I did in Savannah.

If you are lucky enough to have found someone to be happy with, treat them out to something special that day. I don't mean go out and spend money on them; that isn't always the answer. Make them a hand-made card, write a poem, or just spend time with your special someone!

I wanted to share my "Valentine's Day" date with you dear reader because I am tired of seeing such negative comments about the fourteen off this month. It doesn't just have to be a day to gloom around if you are single, its more of a day about change. Maybe you can treat yourself out with a nice meal or go out with friends to have fun. All in all, it's a good day to make an excuse to go and do something fun you wouldn't do on a normal day.

By making yourself happy, maybe one day a person will come into your life and want to share that with you too. Crazier things have happened before and to be honest, Savannah and I were friends for five years before I asked her out and look at us now! Life is full of surprises and always will be if you go out looking for them

Ta ta for now, see you again when the times call for it.

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