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Monday, March 25, 2013

Updates and a link

Dear readers, life is so grand at the moment. Due to certain, shall we say opportunities, I will try my best to have a more regular schedule. I will also begin to truly think about my blog and what I want it to be. To make an analogy of it, this blog is a child just beginning to learn how to walk. A child whose views were limited to the ground and only wherever someone took it. Now with its new found ability, the child can finally get a good grasp of the world and become its own individual. And I am so glad to have you, dear reader, out there to join me in what I know will be a crazy and wonderful experience. Even if this opportunity does not work out, I will become more dedicated to making this blog the best it can be!

Oh yes, I also promised a link!


So science decided to stick its nose in music and found that there is technically a finite number of melodies that can be played though this number has over 100 digits so no fears! The story does not end there though as the study also showed that human beings only like a certain range of melodies and complex-ness in music. This somewhat disappointing find has resulted in many musicians, conscious of it or not, repeating famous melodies written decades ago in their music. The above link is a database of songs that fall prey to this. You even get a sample of the music to compare for yourself! Give the link a click and see just how much "Star Wars" sounds like "Mary Poppins"!

Ta ta for now, see you again when the times call for it

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